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Sue The World!

     So, you want to tell a friend about ButtFlap.com, eh? Why not get some sort of credit for it? First, you'll need to register for a free ButtFlap email address. Then, you'll just give your friends, family, neighbors, enemies and complete strangers the following URL:


     You'll earn wampum just for signing up. Then, you'll earn wampum every time you view a ButtFlap Episode for the first time. And, finally, you'll earn 100% of the wampum earned by those you referred! (Except for his/her/its referral wampum.) If this is too complicated for you, here are your other options:

  1. When you see your friend, shout "Go to ButtFlap.com!"
  2. When your phone rings, answer by saying "Go to ButtFlap.com!"
  3. Right after everyone says "Amen" in church, shriek "Go to ButtFlap.com!"
  4. If a telemarketer annoys you, tell him/her/it that you will buy a dozen of his/her/its products only if he/she/it goes to ButtFlap.com, first.
  5. Send an email to everyone in your address book that says "Go to ButtFlap.com!"
  6. Paint the words "Go to ButtFlap.com!" on the side of your vehicle.
  7. ...the possibilities are endless. Use YOUR imagination, not MINE.
  8. Go to ButtFlap.com! (Oh, wait, you're already here.)

     If you REALLY HATE sending email, and would rather fill out some sort of online form on my website that automatically sends the email to all of your friends on your behalf, I'll be happy to help! Just let me know that you would like this feature, and I'll add it right away!

Comments, suggestions, spam and hate-mail should be sent to mustard@ButtFlap.com!

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